Sierra Leone’s Vice President Under Probe

Sierra Leone's Vice President Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh

On Jan. 1 President Bio pardoned a notorious juju priest convicted of murder in 2015. Baimba Moiforay popularly called LAC had barely served less than one-third of his sentence. His release provoked public outrage, leading to a wider public protest on social media.

Soon after his release, LAC was seen posing for the camera with the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice; gallivanting up and down with huge cash under the close protection of a military officer. Another picture of him and the Minister of Information emerged so soon, giving an impression that his pardon was highly recommended by persons close to the seat of power. The criticisms that followed mounted pressure on the president to revoke LAC’s clemency on 17 Jan., a few days after he reportedly flew out of the country.

Upset by this scandal, President Bio used his sledgehammer to sack his principal legal adviser and then instituted an inquiry into the entire process that led to the granting of pardon to such an unrepentant felon.

But too much scepticism still hangs over this investigation. Whilst some schools of thought say the whole inquiry ends just with the sacking of the Attorney General others suggest it will end with a possible impeachment of the Honourable Vice President provided the findings reveal any gross misconduct in the performance of his duties as chairman of the Prerogative of Mercy Committee, noting that Section 63 (1) of the country’s 1991 Constitution confers responsibility on him to preside over the affairs of this committee.

Meanwhile, President Bio has appointed Mohamed Lamin Tarawalley Esq. to replace the outgone Attorney General Anthony Y. Brewah.



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