QCELL affirms commitment to providing affordable services


The company issued a statement yesterday notifying its customers about the change in mobile tariffs and the transition from the old currency to the new Leone. This is in compliance with directives from the industry’s regulator, the National Telecommunications Commission (NATCOM), and the directives from the Bank of Sierra Leone (BSL) regarding re-denomination of the Leone which takes effect today.

On June 23, NATCOM directed that all Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) should revert to the old Mobile Termination Rate (MTR) of Le470 per minute for off-net mobile voice calls. The Commission also directed that MNOs should revert to the old Floor Price of Le590 per minute for on-net and off-net mobile voice calls effective July 1.

Being a law-abiding service provider and a “Combra Network” for all, QCELL has humbly complied with NATCOM’s directives and has also revised its tariff/billing system to reflect the re-denomination of the Leone as directed by BSL.

In addition to the bonuses on data purchase, the company now offers 5MB for every call a QCELL subscriber makes and receives. This, according to the company’s CEO Jayamani Karthik, is an offer to cushion the economic effect of contemporary global hardship and its attendant consequences on mobile telecommunications services in the country.

He said: “We know that communication is a necessity, that is why we are committed to meeting the demands of the people.” Karthik added that they would not relent in providing quality, affordable and reliable mobile communications services to all corners in Sierra Leone.

It was also disclosed that the company, having being assessed and as well secured the relevant license from BSL, will soon launch its mobile money services using the most appropriate financial technology (FinTech).



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